Best E Liquid Companies in the UK


Things you need to Know about E Liquid

There are countless of E-liquid being offered in the market today. If you’re using E-Cigarette, you understand that it’s vital to find the best e-liquid that will suite your taste. Obviously, different companies are offering different flavors, varieties and option; finding a company which offers exactly what you’re looking for can be the largest piece to the puzzle. Furthermore, e-liquid is an individual and personal thing people shop for. For an instance, you prefer tobacco flavor, expect that there will be other people who will find it uninteresting. If love certain brand, it does not mean that other people will also go mad about it. After some time, you have to remember that the best method you can utilize when purchasing new e-liquid is to try various things.

The nicotine liquid that is frequently referred to as e-juice or e-liquid is flavored by manufacturers. You can pick the one which matches your mood, most user enjoy varying mixture or flavor. This also holds different nicotine level of up to 24mg, which can able to satisfy even those who are heavy smokers.

The E-Liquid Nicotine Level

This e-liquid comes in various proportions to cater varying taste and needs of users. This is somewhat critical since majority of e-cigarette user desire to have gradual lowering of nicotine level.  Large number of users prefers using e-cig that is nicotine free for them to please their habits. Most of this user’s main goal is to reach the juice; this can only be done gradually as their cravings for tobacco lessens. Its highly recommend for you to start by using stronger quantity like 24mm to check if the taste is satisfying and good. From here, you can gradually take smaller amounts until you can able to get desired level you like more or reach “0 mg” nicotine content. Each bottle will enclose actual concentration in mg/ml or in milligrams/milliliter. You have to remember that this dosing level don’t have standards, meaning varying manufacturer can come-up with differing nicotine levels. However, you can bake to obtain general guidelines which are easy to understand and follow.

  1. Nicotine Free – 0mg nicotine level.
  2. Low Strength – nicotine is 4 mg to 8 mg.
  3. Medium Strength –nicotine is 10 mg to 14 mg.
  4. High Strength –nicotine is 16 mg to 18 mg.
  5. Extra-High Strength –mostly, 24 mg is the highest.

Below are the best e liquid UK that you can try. If you’re looking for a vapour that holds smooth and high quality taste, expect that you can able to find the best brand among the options provided below.


Top Best E Liquid Companies in the UK


This company provides quality e liquid and e cigarettes for a couple of years now. JacVapour was recognized as one of the big sellers of e-cigs. The founder of it claims that their motivation of it is his need of vapour. According to him, there are several qualities of merchandise in the industry. In view of this, they developed high quality one to provide maximum experience to cigarette users, and this is the “JacVapour”. They were new in UK, they have originally based in Scotland offering wide variety of choices for heavy and light smokers. The company has done an incredible job when it comes to E-liquids. Majority of their e-liquids are produced in UK, and since this are not being obtain or imported from other companies in overseas, users are guaranteed that the value and quality of it is above average. They offer impressive collection of flavors which range from bubblegum, real coffee, menthol and tobacco. Apart from that, they also offer clear steam vapourless liquids to those individuals who are not interested in liquids that come in flavor. Furthermore, these products are provided in reasonable price. Through their website you can able to search by base such as vegetable glycerin or propylene glycol. The company does not provide users the ability to mix flavors such as South-Beach Smoke. But there’s great possibility that they are carrying all type of e liquids you like.

Future Shisha

This is a London based UK company which specializes in creating electronic shisha, shisha pens and shisha sticks. The company offers shipping to those customers who live from other part of the world. Since there are some countries which hold severe limitations on outdoor and indoor smiling of the traditional “shisha pipes” it’s essential for you to get knowledgeable about it before you purchase. There are legal alternatives provided to those traditional shisha which can be utilized indoor since this does not contain tobacco.

E-liquids provided by Future Shisha are made of safe ingredients which have been utilized in other condumer-products for decades. Some of the products included are Vegetable Glycerine and Propylene Glycol. The VG is added for those individuals who desired nicotine and flavoring. There are wide variety of striking flavors that cam maximize your smoking experience, although their strength is the fullness and richness they tend-to-taste. For those individuals who like specialty flavors such as smooth cappuccino, mint, pear drops, skittles, refreshing mojito and sweet mint; then this might be the company you can consider when it comes to your much loved E-liquid option.

In addition, Future Shisha made it extra easy for users to refill their cartomizers, they also offer full variety of nicotine free options if ever you’re trying to cut-back. The price is good too, you are guaranteed that this product is made of top quality. Future Shisha are best choice for person who desires safer way to make a fuss of shisha smoking. The product is made of high quality and backed with good customer service.


Cigees is popular in E-Cig Company which offers international delivery; aside from that, they also provide top quality e-liquid in the industry today. When it comes to variety, they have 14 flavors available for you. Flavors include Chocolate, whisky, cigar, wanilla, strawberry, orange, apple, liquorice, cherry, cappuccino, coffee, menthol extra, menthol and tobacco. This product comes in a very reasonable price as well; they have provided options to buyers if they wanted to purchase bottle by 10 pack. Through this, you can able to obtain incredible sum of e-liquid and save money at an inexpensive price. Their menthol, cherry, coffee and tobacco flavors come in various nicotine strengths which includes “0” nicotine. However, some of it comes in high-strength lonely. This e-liquids made by Cigees are smooth and does not dry your throat. Apart from that, they also provide pleasing throat hit.

Apollo E- Liquid

Apollo does not mainly offer full line of vaping gear and e-cigs, but they features full variety of high quality US made smoke juice. There are over 40 flavors you can choose from, this comes in wide collection of dessert, and fruit flavored and traditional blends. The price is not that affordable, but their e-liquid ma of quality ingredient which is worth considering.

Apollo is made of highest quality US sourced ingredients which is fully developed in “Northern California” by expert team of mixologists and chemist. The past years, they have grown rapidly and become popular because of their products. When it comes to their e-liquid, the company adheres to become stricter about quality control guideline frequently found in food industries and “recipe development” to bottling. Comprehensive safety protocols are being practiced throughout their facilities to guarantee consistency and quality. E-liquids of Apollo is 99 percent laboratory grade nicotine, contains Food Safe Ingredients, Kasher, VG and USP Grade PG.

The “E-liquid bottles” are available in 3 different sizes such as 5 ml, 10 ml and 30 ml. majority of the flavors cone in 5 diverse nicotine strengths like 0 mg, 6 mg, 12 mg, 18 mg and 24 mg. They make sure that they have something to offer to everyone, regardless of their personal preference or taste. Whether you are a new “ex-smoker” or experience vaper looking for exciting alternative, you will not get disappointed with them. Their e-liquid taste great, made of top quality, and delivers soothing throat hit which even the choosiest “ex-smoker” will appreciate. Moreover, they also carry variety of superb vaping devices which makes them a one stop shop for all e-cig needs.

True Smoke

This is another UK-based company which offers rather notable selection of e-liquids. The company started trading since 2011; they claim that they have shipped over 10,000 of their products to customers from ay part of the world. Their products prices are quite similar to most UK companies. Each e-juice can be bought with 0 mg, 12 mg or 18 mg nicotine strength, which is very fair. In addition, their flavor collection includes “cannabis flavor” as well.

Best4ECigs E-liquids

This is another best place to obtain e-liquids. Their liquids are separated by base which is somewhat helpful and interesting for people that are into selecting specific type of e-liquid to vape. Generally, the company has provided section for “propylene glycol e-liquids”, this section is for premium e-juices which are engineered to offer stronger flavor than other liquids. They also provided section for vegetable glycerin e-liquid which is basically considered sweeter and less intense compared to those that contains propylene glycol.

ROK Universal E-liquid

This carries almost 2 dozen of dissimilar e-liquid flavors, which range from menthol, tobacco, varieties of fruits, and exotic flavors like Café Cino, and Tahitian Vanilla Surprise. If you looking for unique and top quality e-liquid, ROK is worth considering since all e-liquids provided are made in UK and created using their selection of safe recipes. They utilize European and US plarma-grade nicotine in all products. Aside from that, they also utilizes nature and natural identical flavorings-sourced within EU. There are some companies who charge more once e-liquids are created in UK, ROK have done a good job in keeping their prices affordable despite that they create and develop the flavors close to their home. This is one of the main reasons why most people choose ROK. They’re e-liquids are not just affordable but realistic, full flavored and delicious too.

ROK products are regularly tested by UK “public analyst’s laboratory” to make sure that products are made of top quality. There are four available nicotine strengths: high-2.4%, strong-1.8%, medium-1.1% and low-0.6%. Products bottle features direct nozzle dispense for trouble-free e-liquid chambers, this comes in thin and long design for speed and accuracy. The labeling and packaging is fully CLP and CHIP compliant. Below are ROK’s ingredients:

  • Contains only the highest-quality pharmaceutical grade nicotine.
  • Flavors are blended to their special recipes.
  • Compliant to US and EU specifications.
  • Does not use artificial sweeteners like sucralose and aspartame.
  • Free from diacetyl and diethylene glycol.
  • All e-liquids of ROK possess 60/40 “PG/VG” ratio.

The PG or propylene glycol is odorless and tasteless substance which is commonly utilized in soft drinks and food coloring; while the VG or vegetable glycerine is derived from “plant oil”, used as sweetener and food applications. Their product is formulated to be ultra-low in “non-volatiles” so that all things goes into it can be able to vaporized in e-cigarette. This lessens residues in atomizers and chambers, maximizing product life and avoiding burnt tastes.


This company does not offer many flavorings compared to other companies, but they deserve a spot in this list since they provide more “specialty blends” than others. carry more than 35 diverse flavors which range in taste such as traditional, sweet, cannabis and fruity. Aside from that, they made it easier for users to purchase their e-liquid by providing monthly subscription-based service where they send e-liquid bottles to users and instantaneously charge account. This makes shopping easy, rapid and automatic. All e-liquids flavors are being manufactured in UK; there are some who feels hesitant if they don’t know if where the E-liquid came from. Knowing that it’s wasn’t produced overseas; this gives great positively to people who are concern about this issue. If you’re looking for great tasting liquid and willing to pay extra to get UK manufactured e-liquid, this company is perfect for your needs.

V2 Cigs E-Liquid

In e-liquid producing business, there’s no uncertainty that the V2 Cigs hit the forefront. Their products is definitely worth noting, this are “tested and proven” high quality, safe and guarantee to provide the best worth for money. The said come company has published their products ingredients online to prove that they are committed in ensuring best standard for products. The company also recommended that the “V2 Cigs Platinum E-Liquid: be utilized to refill or fill clearomizers, Blank E-liquids or “V2 EX Blanks”. In addition, they warned vapers to shun reusing their clearomizer for more than twenty times. With regards to blank e-liquids, the company also cautions people not to use it for more than five times. Once they do, this people need to dispose it immediately. Refilling using “V2 Cigs” e-liquid will make sure that they will vape only the safest and best flavor. Through this, users can able to save great amount of money. You do not have to buy expensive e-liquid for your e-cigs, but your need to make sure that it’s safe and made of top quality ingredients. One 25 m of the V2 Cigs E-liquid bottles must fill more or less 25carts, while the 50 ml bottle can able to fill almost 50 carts. V2 Cigs e-liquids are available in five different strengths: 0mg, 6mg, 12mg, 18mg and 24mg. There are also various flavors that you can choose from, depending on your preferences. Check out below:

  • V2 E-liquid Red Flavor: This is the attempt of the company in recreating the popular “American” tobacco taste. Luckily, they succeeded; even if they aren’t able to encourage the taste one hundred percent, they still obtained its essence. In actual fact, even those most seasoned “American” tobacco users does not gave trouble making connection despite the minute-difference in taste. The tastes of this V2 e-liquid version is somewhat mild, those individuals who are looking for stronger or much powerful tobacco flavor, you need to consider using something else since you may find this insufficient or lacking.
  • The Congress Flavor: This flavor is commonly referred to as generic tobacco flavor. According to some, this “Congress Flavor” is patterned after “Parliament Cigarettes”, but much better. This has more genuine taste of tobacco which is definite much stronger than V2-Red flavor. If you desire for intense and stronger tobacco, this can still be lacking but much stronger than V2 red. Try it for to have better judgment.
  • The V2 Sahara Flavor: Most people say that this is one of their favorite flavors since this hit the right strength and intensity which others may find lacking in “V2 Red Flavor” or a bit stronger to the Congress flavor. In some way, even if many people have noticed that there’s a “hint of popcorn” to the vapor scent, they don’t find it distracting since this adds to overall character of their vaping experience.
  • Menthol Flavor: The menthol flavor of V2 e-liquid reveals strong and concentrated mint flavor which hits user. This provides crisp, cool and lingering flavor while you use it. During the initial puff, some users find it too intense than usual. But, give it more time to settle and you will discover that its worthy of your time .You will be surprised how your body reacts and enjoy “puff after puff”. You need to get used to the taste to have a thrilling and enjoyable vaping ride.
  • The Mint Tea Flavor: This mint tea flavor merits great attention, even though there’s great number of the “menthol flavors” available in the area. This combines 2 flavors which are well-loved by users, the mint and tea. Dissimilar to menthol, the mint included is not overpowering or too strong. The taste of mint provides subtle aroma and right sum of freshness and coolness too. With regards to the “tea element”, it added some flowery taste which takes some time for you to get used to it. Don’t worry since its worthy of your time and money.
  • Peppermint Flavor: This flavor provided by V2 is another option to the “mint tea” flavor. The element of mint is stronger and there’s a punch “sweetness” included to it. Apart from that, this is also conspicuously smoother; this makes it more ideal for all day vaping. Most people prefer peppermint than pure mint flavor since this provides soothing feeling.
  • Coffee Flavor: Coffee is definitely a hands-down; most e-cig users love this e-liquid flavor. The company did an awe-inspiring job with their coffee flavor. This really simulates aroma and coffee taste. This provides easy and smooth vape. When it comes to true-blue coffee lovers, they may find it lacking.
  • Vanilla Flavor: According to V2 users, this is one of the best “e-liquid flavors” made by the company. This holds a hint of sweetness and subtlety which you can able to find in real vanilla. To dose all day users, this e-juice is absolutely a spot on.
  • Chocolate Flavor: All people love chocolates, in view of this, V2 Company created chocolate flavored e-liquid. Vaping had become a comfortable experience, especially when it holds smooth and rich taste. Many people stated that they love the way it strikes, it holds right sum of sweetness which is fascinatingly good. However, to those people who prefer full bodied taste of concentrated cocoa, they may this too sedate.
  • The Cola Flavor: According to users, this is definitely one of the most offbeat flavors created by the V2 Cigs. Nevertheless, it’s quite innovative and easily becomes favorite among the vapers. Those people who expect replication of their favorite Coca-cola, they may find this distinctive taste somewhat disappointing. this is similar in some way but not exactly the same or accurate. Still, there’s no doubt that the company did a really great job during the process.
  • The Grape Flavor: This fruity-flavor is somewhat robust most especially for e-liquid. This is sweet and perfect to those individuals who favor vaping sweet flavors. Don’t worry since the sweetness is not overpowering.
  • Cherry Flavor: This is another fruity-flavor vape which is a solid choice. Actually, this is everybody’s favorite, compared to other fruity tastes made created by V2, this is stronger. Nevertheless, it’s mild enough so that you can able to enjoy your day using it.

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E-Cigarette Side Effects

Any substances taken by the body could cause side effects, it doesn’t matter if it is inhaled, ingested or just touched. There aren’t lots of e-cigarette side effects which a lot of people are not aware of. On the other hand, it could be difficult to hold down precisely what the harmful effect of the cigarette or stopping smoking could be or whether anything being suffered is really coming from electronic cigarette.

E Cigarette Side Effects


To start with the most usual concern, you may get yourself with a head pain. Once you do get an aching headache, it shows that you have taken lots of nicotine. Once this occurs, just relax, stop smoking and drink lots of water. If you’re trying to quit smoking, it’s not only hard for you, but for your body as well.

This is one of many reasons you may suffer head pains. Once you stop smoking, the oxygen in your brain and the levels of chemical changes. Some of the effect is short term sleep disruption, improved caffeine levels as well as changed in the diet. These results to head pains, however, after a couple of days, you will feel good.

Sore Throat or Dry Throat

This issue could be linked to PG or Propylene Glycol which is humectants, meaning it assimilates moisture and could therefore result to a sore throat or dry throat. Normally the side effect drops in a couple of weeks, largely because the throat is adjusting from the normal smoke to vapor. But mostly its because of the stopping smoking. In case you experience this, drink lots of water, and when the condition gets worse, consult your doctor.

Muscle Pain

Propylene Glycol is transformed into lactic acid that could lead to muscle aches. You can avoid this issue through drinking glasses of water to flush out lactic acid.

Acne or Spots

Acne or spots are the outcome of quitting smoking, your body starts to detoxify itself, therefore there are many toxins being flushed out, and the pores are the escape route for these toxins. Trapped toxins are the main cause of spots and acne.


Another common concern when stopping cigarettes, this occurs when the lungs are filled with smoke and start cleaning it out.


Once you experience this issue, it might be due to the highest amount of nicotine that enters into your body. Moreover, you must ensure you’re not swallowing drop of electronic cigarette from the cartridge. When electronic liquid enters your mouth frequently, you must stop utilizing it and purchase a new e-cig right away.

Bleeding Gums

Perhaps the most common concern when one is trying to stop smoking is bleeding gum. A lot of smokers report bleeding gums if brushing their teeth; this is a common sign of withdrawal.

One option may be that smokers build up thicker gums to defend in opposition to the smoke. You do not need to be afraid of this, because it will heal up after days or weeks.  If the bleeding continues, visit your doctor. If you suffer any of these e-cigarette side effects it is advisable to stop smoking or visit your doctor right away.

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Site Coming soon

So best e liquid uk was set up with the intention of providing you not only the greatest and smoothest e liquid known to man in the UK but also at an affordable rate.

Site is Coming Soon

A lot of people have decided to switch from traditional smoking to a more modern futuristic way of fulfilling their cravings and it’s called vaping. Most people made the switch for the health benefits but some also did it for the savings in costs since tobacco has seen its price shoot up in past years due to tax.
Now the government has actually stated that ecigarettes and associated products will possibly incur taxes applied on top of their price however I cannot see this becoming a reality. I believe if it does thousands of people will cause an upriot.
Anyways back to our mission. The new Best e cigarette uk site is very close to being completed and should be going live very soon. It will officially become an online only eliquid shop with also a few ecigarettes on display. Flavours will include the traditional fruity flavours such as blueberry, apple and strawberry alongside some of the more stronger vapes such as mocha, peppermint and tobacco. The team behind the site have been in the industry for just over 3 years and with all the experience gained vaping different flavors in the testing room in this time they decided to put their knowledge into practice.
The reason why we decided to pick a name like BesteliquidUk is a simple one, we actually do believe we are the best around, but I guess only you can confirm and deny that and Im guessing you are gonna have to try it first aren’t you?
Please remember that Eliquid is composed of Propylene Glycol (PG) or it can also be Vegetable Glycerine (VG), flavourings and nicotine. the glycol or glycerine are perfectly fine and have been used in various solutions already however the nicotine can be dangerous when ingested orally. what this means is that when you vape it is perfectly fine almost as if you were drinking a coffee however if you were to ingest the nicotine or eliquid orally that would most likely lead to injury or fatality, which you could compare to possibly injecting coffee in to your veins.
Once we launch you will also have the opportunity to choose the level of nicotine you wish either between 0.6, 1.2, 1.8 and 2.4 g. Personally we here are all fans of the 0.6 or 1.2g nicotine level e liquids because that means you can vape a lot more and spend more time doing some cool vape tricks as opposed to if you were vaping a 1.8 or 2.4g solution.
One promise we can make you is that your order will always be shipped on time and that while we will start with a set range of eliquid flavours we vow to be always in the lab researching and cooking up lots of weird and wonderful new flavour combinations and vape fusions.
Quite a few eliquid companies out there have been found to include other chemicals to their solution
other than these 3 essential components however they have been caught red handed and are now being severely punished by authorities. These companies are normally found to be based in China or imported from Asia. Therefore one guarantee that we are very proud to promote on our site and marketing communications is that our e liquid is 100% British, thought up, produced, tested, bottled and shipped in the United Kingdom.
Another great feature that will be coming very soon and that will set us apart from the competition is our monthly subscription feature, where every month we send 4 of our favourite eliquids of each month and we pair it with the seasonality so that around Xmas you could enjoy a nice eggnog e liquid or even a turkey and cranberry sauce one and in summer you could help yourself to a pale ale e liquid or even a pear cider one. We have flavours for every taste bud out there.
It’s absolutely crazy when you look at the potential amount of people that will switch over to e cigarettes since around 1 in 5 people smoke worldwide and probably around 10 percent of people have converted already to ecigarettes which means there are so many people out there left to make the switch and I believe that almost all will make the switch and if they don’t their kids will.
Just imagine once we reach that point how many bottles of e liquid will be produced every single year and can imagine how many amazing crazy yet fantastically weird flavours, can you? I think the excitement is too much to contain.
So when will the new best e liquid uk template be live I hear you asking? It is extremely close my friends so close I can smell the vape on the air.
Another point of awesomeness that should make you remember us is that we like to do a lot of promotions or as we call happy hours throughout the year. We are all firm believers that life can be too stiff and rigid sometimes so we all need something to spark up our lives and what better way to do that by offering a 2 for 1 e liquid deal or buy 3 get 7 free or even buy one and get a piña colada and coke and rum bottle of eliquid bonus. Even giveaways on social media are our kind of thing and we are always breaking our back to find the winners and send them their well deserved prizes.
So feel free to bookmark our site, put an alarm on your phone, share us on social media, put a post it note on your laptop, email yourself the link to our site or whatever worksbest for you to remember us here at best e cigarette uk HQ an check back on us in a few weeks because I’m sure you will be pleasantly surprised.

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